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titleconDiscover True Health at A Natural Path To Health Chiropractic & Wellness

Achieve wellness with Dr. Aaron Weitz, North York chiropractor. At A Natural Path To Health, we offer holistic chiropractic care for you to become healthier and happier everyday. Regardless of your age or situation, we’d love to help.


North York Chiropractors for You and Your Family’s Best Life

Welcome to ANPTH. Our greatest passion is helping families enjoy the best health possible that naturally comes with a properly functioning nervous system.

Health and wellness is about more than just feeling good, it’s about optimal function, so that you can heal and thrive.

Our practice is dedicated to maximizing all aspects of your wellbeing through the first class chiropractic care we provide. With advanced training in pediatrics, pregnancy and family wellness, we have what you and your family need to get well, stay well and live BIG.

Experience More Than Pain Relief

Many people associate chiropractic care with relief of back pain, headaches and ear infections, but saying that is like watching a pianist and appreciating how he bangs on keys, while ignoring the music he’s creating. Chiropractic is about optimizing nervous system health; it’s true that symptoms of pain and sickness often diminish and disappear, but removing nervous system interference means so much more! It enables your innate healing abilities and helps you function at your best, because our lives are lived through our nervous system.

Just Get Checked

Often people ask us if we can help them with health problems such as: migraines, colic, sciatica, or their child’s ADD. The answer is simple. Get checked. It’s the only way to find out if we can help.

We’ll sit down with you and listen to your concerns. Then we’ll take scans with advanced technology, including the Insight Subluxation Station, and perform thorough testing to understand your condition. From there, we will analyze the findings and create a customized care plan made specifically for you.

Be Empowered and Thrive

Here at ANPTH, we help people every day overcome illnesses and conditions ranging from reflux and constipation to asthma and seizures. Anxiety, depression, immune deficiency, infertility, headaches, vertigo, TMJ, muscle pain… the list is endless because we don’t treat any condition, we help your nervous system so you can get healthy and stay healthy.

If you are sick of being sick, and tired of being tired, contact us to book an appointment for you and your family today.

Dr. Aaron WeitzA Natural Path To Health | (416) 782-1462