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Meet Nechama Chanowitz, RMT

Nechama Chanowitz RMT

Nechama Chanowitz RMT

Nechama graduated Royal Canadian College of Massage and has experience with clients of all ages and conditions. If you’ve never had a massage, it doesn’t hurt to try. Nechama helps her clients feel comfortable and works with them to cater to their specific needs. Pre and post natal, chronic tension headaches, lack of mobility after an injury – that and way more is in her scope of practice and she will work with you toward healing optimally.


“I love getting asked why I chose massage therapy because the answer defines who I am. I chose massage therapy because it’s my unique way to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s a way that I can help heal and help cure.”

“I need a hug.” That’s something you’ve said and heard countless times. Why is that? Toddlers, teens, adults – all of us, need hugs! Because a hug is a touch. Touch is a very powerful tool; a form of expression, a form of healing.

Massage therapy is a professional hug. A “hug” that is trained to enhance, to treat and help repair. To relax, to strengthen and relieve. This is the power of a massage.

If just simply hugging another helps people feel better, how much more so if that touch is turned into a full body deep tissue massage!


Everyone can benefit from massage therapy. Babies and seniors; heathy and injured; fit and ill; it’s universal! We can all use a hug as often as possible, a touch, a massage that gets our blood circulating, our muscles toned, and our tension dissipated.


Massage is more often a necessity than it is a luxury.

Massage is great for relaxation but accomplishes so much more.

Massage increases immune function, enables proper healing of injuries, so beneficial for mental health, and more and more.

“They say those who go on vacations live longer. I say those who get massages live longer!”

And her fam

Nechama lives in Thornhill with her husband, Shua, and 3 very energetic children. “No, they will not sit still ever so no, I never massage them” :)

This city is her hometown and she loves living in such a friendly community.

A Natural Path To Health | (416) 782-1462