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A photograph of Patricia Reynolds, RMT

Patricia Reynolds, RMT


Meet Patricia Reynolds, RMT

Patricia Reynolds has a deep and diverse wellspring of healing knowledge that she generously shares with her clients, colleagues and the community at large. In her work, she draws upon 2 decades of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist, more than a decade of yoga practice, and extensive training with Anatomy Train’s Developer, Tom Myers. Being a graduate of Landmark’s Curriculum for Living, she displays a passion for complementary disciplines such as quantum physics, behavioral kinesiology, human consciousness and advanced personal development.

Mind/Body Connection

For Patricia, discovering the connection between mind and body was exhilarating. It was this discovery that lead her to pursue a hypothesis. In 2012 she decided to put together a community event to see if integrated care with multiple disciplines would strengthen not only the community, but our health care system as a whole. The event brought together what she believed to be brilliant minds backing the top approaches to prevention and wellness; and it really inspired her.


Having built a network of trusted professionals over the years who share her mission and passion, she proposed what she perceived as the only logical solution; a multi-disciplinary alliance. This new approach gives clients access to many different practitioners, not only for healing but also for health education. She hopes that this strategy will give the public the opportunity to better understand themselves and their bodies and to have a partner in their healing and wellness; allowing people to regain control and stop falling victim to preventable diseases and pharmaceuticals.

After 21 years, Patricia is happy to be running a practice, where she implements treatment plans with her clients based in the Holistic theories of Yoga, Massage and Structural Integration.

Her commitment to personal development, dedication to improving Canadian Healthcare, and creating an infrastructure that can support a new approach on a wider realm, is what drives her.

She draws her courage, strength and inspiration from her family, for whose love and support she is eternally grateful.

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