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North York Chiropractor Aaron Weitz, D.C., C.C.W.P.

“The other day my 15 year old daughter asked me what my dream job was… I laughed. Why? Because I am already doing it.”

Dr. Weitz and family

Dr. Weitz and family

Choosing Chiropractic Care Because It’s Natural and It Works

“I became a chiropractor due to the simplicity of this type of care. The fact that it reduces nervous system interference to help you lead a happier life, naturally, is fascinating.”

“Chiropractic is simple, gentle and effective. I love being able to offer my patients an alternative form of health care, free from medication and surgery.”

Dr. Aaron Weitz graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1995 and has been in full time practice ever since.

Dr. Weitz kidsWith time and experience, the necessity to help children, in particular, became more apparent. To that end, Dr. Weitz has completed advanced training in pediatrics and family care so that he can truly impact health from a younger age, when it matters most, as a child develops. He has also received a C.C.W.P (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner) Certification through the ICA Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science. In addition, Dr. Weitz has completed postgraduate studies in cities throughout North America to ensure that he can provide the best care possible for his patients.

I Had My “ah-ha” Moment After I Was Already a Chiropractor

“It wasn’t until after I was in practice and realized how incredible adjustments are, how important proper nerve function can be, and how simple healing is… that I fell completely in love with chiropractic care. I think seeing the changes in my patient’s lives, seeing their health transform, that’s what did it.”

Me, My Wife and Our 8 Children

Dr. Weitz familyDr. Weitz lives in North York with his wife Yaffa, and their eight children. When Dr. Weitz is not working, he enjoys spending his time with his kids. “Their hobbies are my hobbies and they most definitely keep me busy.”

Dr. Weitz is also actively involved in supporting his local community. He’s engaged in donating time and money to numerous charitable programs to help create a better North York. “I think it’s important to help build a strong community and give back when you can.”

“I’d love to sit down and hear your story, give me a call so we can talk.”

Dr. Aaron Weitz | A Natural Path To Health | (416) 782-1462