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A Healthy Spine-Nerve Relationship is Vital, Especially in Children

pediatricsA little while ago I was in New Jersey on conference – it was the day of a huge snowstorm. There, I met someone I’ve respected for years. I never dreamt I’d meet this man, let alone sit one on one with him. Yet, Dr. Reggie Gold, may he rest in peace, made the time because it was important enough to him.

One of the many issues we discussed involved children. He made a significant impression on me. I always knew how vital a healthy spine-nerve relationship is, especially in children, because childhood is the time we develop our most vital connections for life. Still, hearing this from someone who had been serving thousands of people per week for nearly 50 years, hearing it said with such conviction and purpose from someone who had seen so much, made an indelible impression on me.

Let’s skip forward to a week after the conference when a young child only a couple of months old was brought into my office with a nasty ear infection. B’H in a matter of hours he responded beautifully to a tiny gentle adjustment. That’s not the point of this letter though. This baby carried his head constantly to one side, probably since birth and it wouldn’t take a trained hand to feel the tension this created at the base of his skull, right where the most important life connections are developing.

Why had no one noticed this?

Before my time with Dr. Gold I would have voiced my concern and then I would have let it rest.

Now I can’t leave it at that.

Chiropractic care is unique.

There is no other form of healthcare that concerns itself solely with the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, regardless of what symptoms or lack of symptoms a person is experiencing. The fact is this is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of every human being and IT’S TIME WE STOP NEGLECTING IT, especially in our children – at the time they need it most in their entire lives.

I decided that night I’d do my best to change this situation.

I had the privilege of being touched by a man who has changed the lives of many thousands of people. The least I can do is transmit the life message he passed to me. Please don’t neglect your nervous system.

Please don’t neglect your children.

With all my best wishes,
Aaron Weitz DC, CCWP